Saturday, October 21, 2006

Winter is on it's way! it is a Saturday, and it's raining and cold. Had to finally turn on the heat......been putting that off for the past 2 weeks. We all looked like little Eskimos bundled up in all the blankets we could find....watching TV...the kids would all complain 'mom, please turn on the heat'.
Just hate the thought of them darn electric bills!
Ok...enough complaining, I promise. :o)
Working on my new 'Barn Baby's' today. They are just going to be SO cute! ALL Christmas ones too. I have my 'Customer Appreciation' sale tomorrow so I must finish up these sweet little gals. I've had so many emails asking when I'm going to have more dolls for's wonderful that they are so loved, but with these wholesale orders, I've really fallen behind. I have 2 more large orders and I do believe I'm done till the beginning of the New year.
Hubby and I decided that we are taking the kids and heading for Texas. We'll be leaving Christmas Day, driving...I love driving....and be gone for 9 days. We haven't had a vacation in 12 years when we took the kids to Disney land. I've always wanted to see Texas, and the weather should be just so beautiful. I'm so excited. We have a 'Texas Fund Jar' that we are all adding to. It's been so wonderful seeing the kids adding to it. Our 13 year old son has added all his lawn mowing money.....that just tickles me to no end. Usually he's off spending it faster then he earns it, but not this time. Makes me feel really proud of them all.
Finishing up my article for the 'Primitive Times' magazine. This first issue is going to be really wonderful I suggest you download it on Nov 1st. There is just bunches of wonderful news and it's going to be great!! What a wonderful thing to be involved in......I work with some of the BEST gals!! They each have the biggest please remember to check us out if you get a chance. :o)
Well my friends...I'm off to sew on more legs and arms. Till next time.....remember to check on your dolls that you have drying in the oven......don't want the smoke alarm going off!!

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Todays News

I've been busier then a bee in a sunflower patch! Trying to catch up on orders, AND work on the new ones. The wholesale orders are really coming in now for the Christmas season, and that's a good thing...but boy do I drag my butt at the end of the day. I'm thinkin' of getting a few 'Man Slaves' if you know of any good lookin' guys that can carry up to 150lbs.....Please let me know! :o)
We found out yesterday that daughter is 16weeks along, with a March 27th due date.....AND...we think it's a BOY!! Hubby was so excited. Ofcourse we HAD to go shopping after the Dr's appointment. I think we just about bought out the store. What fun!
I'm writing my article for the 'Primitive Times Magazine' that will be available to download on Nov.1st(make sure you download's going to be filled with great stuff). I'm doing a sweet Fall pattern, and a few other little tidbits for Thanksgiving. I love being involved with this magazine. These gals are so kewl...and so sweet! I love being able to share ideas....and just chatting with then is a blast. Each one of them is a wonderful artist in her own right!! Make sure you visit their websites and blogs. You'll get a nice giggle for the day.

Well my friends....I'm off to sew, stuff and repeat......if you'd like to help, give me a holler. I'll leave the light on for ya!

Thursday, October 05, 2006

How To Do it All..........

Sometimes I wonder how some woman can do it. 'Keep a datebook', one told me.....Write everything on a large calendar', said another.....And finally I was told ..Have everybody sit down once a week and write up a schedule'...Well, I'll tell you, I have a datebook....somewhere on my desk, well, if I could find my desk. I have yellow 'post-it's' covering the walls, computer, scanner, table ...Buffet, and the cats if they sit still long enough. And as for the 'Sit down time'......Well give me the LARGE calendar and I'll make sure to pencil THAT one in!!
After running this business for 2 years now...I've come to the conclusion that I'm what I am...and if your home for'd better know how to cook or dial a phone or your going to starve. I'm not a super woman...I can FINALLY say that. If you want to visit me...give me atleast 2 days notice so I can roll the cathair off the couch, hide the dirty dishes in the oven, and toss the laundry in the closet.
Yup.....NOT a superwoman!! BUT....I CAN say that I LOVE my job!! I LOVE creating items that make people smile! I LOVE jumping out of the shower just to 'jot' down a idea that popped in my head. And most of all.....I LOVE my family! Because without them washing the load of whites so they all have some clean undies...or cleaning the dried paint off the maker and ceiling (Don't ask!)....and even going to work with glitter stuck to their butts, I'd be nothing. It's the love of my family that keeps me going. I'm so lucky to have them...I Thank God everyday.
So to all you 'Super women' go girls. I will always look up to you...and as for me...I can finally say that I'll NEVER be you....and you know what? That's ok!
Life is good!! :o)