Monday, April 16, 2007

Spring News!

Well my friends....yes, it has been some time since I picked at this keyboard to announce news to you...but we've had so much happening, that I just haven't had time till now. SO we shall start anew.
Our 1st grandbaby arrived on April 2nd....he is a total miracle. There was such a scare while my daughter was in labor...we almost lost them both. It was by Gods good grace that they made it through a very rough delivery. That baby has my Polish stubbornness....I account that to his presence with us today.

I've also updated the whole website with a new fresh look. I wanted something different...something nobody else between my daughter and myself we came up with the new look. I do hope it gives more shopping pleasure to all of my customers. Please let me know what you think of it. I've also been working on some great new products. A new line of old Prairie Dolls...all rag stuffed and dressed in antique fabrics, they do look so very old. I love these gals.

If your a soap lover, well have I got some great news for you! I've been making old fashion lye soaps now for almost 15 years. I've decided to add my own line to my store. These are all natural, very gentle, and so yummy to use! They are really getting alot of please give them a try. You will love them as well!!

Are you a handmade bear lover?? I've got them as well! I've always been a bear collector....tried to quit, but when I see a pair of eyes that are begging me to take them home..I just have to. So, behold is my line of prim bears. So huggable they will break your heart!

Gosh girls..there has been so much happening....I do hope you head on over and take a peek. I'm off for now....i do promise to be back, but right now I have a grandson to feed. ;o)

So, till next time, hug your babys!! Oh...and buy some soaps! LOL

Sweet blessins',



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Lori said...

congratulations on the birth of your beautiful grandson! he is darling! your blog is very sweet, i'm glad i popped over to say "hi"...

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