Thursday, October 05, 2006

How To Do it All..........

Sometimes I wonder how some woman can do it. 'Keep a datebook', one told me.....Write everything on a large calendar', said another.....And finally I was told ..Have everybody sit down once a week and write up a schedule'...Well, I'll tell you, I have a datebook....somewhere on my desk, well, if I could find my desk. I have yellow 'post-it's' covering the walls, computer, scanner, table ...Buffet, and the cats if they sit still long enough. And as for the 'Sit down time'......Well give me the LARGE calendar and I'll make sure to pencil THAT one in!!
After running this business for 2 years now...I've come to the conclusion that I'm what I am...and if your home for'd better know how to cook or dial a phone or your going to starve. I'm not a super woman...I can FINALLY say that. If you want to visit me...give me atleast 2 days notice so I can roll the cathair off the couch, hide the dirty dishes in the oven, and toss the laundry in the closet.
Yup.....NOT a superwoman!! BUT....I CAN say that I LOVE my job!! I LOVE creating items that make people smile! I LOVE jumping out of the shower just to 'jot' down a idea that popped in my head. And most of all.....I LOVE my family! Because without them washing the load of whites so they all have some clean undies...or cleaning the dried paint off the maker and ceiling (Don't ask!)....and even going to work with glitter stuck to their butts, I'd be nothing. It's the love of my family that keeps me going. I'm so lucky to have them...I Thank God everyday.
So to all you 'Super women' go girls. I will always look up to you...and as for me...I can finally say that I'll NEVER be you....and you know what? That's ok!
Life is good!! :o)

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