Friday, December 01, 2006

Going on Strike, it's a good thing.......

Well friends.....I've learned something very important this week. Threaten to take a man's meal from him....and you get results!
What does she mean..your asking yourself...well here goes.
It all started right before Thanksgiving, when I declared to hubby that I wasn't cooking ever again until I got a new stove. Ofcourse there were many snickers and rolling of the eyes...but I held fast and as you all know, we went out for Thanksgiving. After the meal on the ride home there was much whining from everyone....'they didn't have any fruit-salad'...'their stuffing really sucked mom'...and most importantly from hubby came 'I didn't get any turkey because that big trucker guy took it all.'! NOW I'm the one doing the snickering..and much of it, I must admit.
After much pouting, and stomping of the feet...hubby finally says 'I hope your cooking turkey for Christmas'...then the children chimed in 'oh yes..and maybe some ham..and gosh I sure missed mom's rolls'. I look each of them in the face as I say very calmly....'I'm not cooking until I get a new stove' and off to the shower I went.
Well....there must have been one heck of a pow wow while I was gone because I'm very happy to say that a NEW stove arrived and was installed yesterday!!
Nice and shiny and OH so pretty with KNOBS and buttons and all kinds of fun things to play with! It even has an oven light!!!!
Why should I be so excited.....well let me tell you about my OLD oven. It wasn't too bad..if you where just cooking one item because only one burner worked..and that one worked if you prayed really hard and could find the lighter!
There was NO knob for the you had to guess at what temperature your food was cooking at...and it heated unevenly(maybe that was because the door didn't shut all the way so hubby had some duck tape stuck to the door..and I guess the sticky was losing it stickiness) which meant that IF you guessed the right temperature...the bottom of your pizza would be burnt and the cheese still frozen. It didn't have self-cleaning...hubby asked why the new one should...'you never cleaned it anyways'..needless to say there where a few quiet evenings between us. AND lastly...It had no shine matter how much elbow power you put into cleaning.
I was up at the crack of dawn this morning...making my coffee and standing there staring lovingly at my new stove. It shined so pretty..even without any light coming in the windows yet....and it didn't squeak when you opened the oven door..ofcourse that happened after you peeled the duck tape off first.
So what can I cook today I ask myself.....probably nothing...I don't want it to get dirty!! ;o)

Till next time.....start a strike, and see how fast you can get results.

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