Saturday, November 25, 2006

Making Snowballs...

I know that there are bunches of patterns being sold for these. But I thought I'd share my way of making them....well, not really MY way as it was published in an Country Home mag many years ago. I've since lost the original so I'm unable to give credit but I do thank you. :o)

Snowball how-to
12-gauge wire; wire cutters; plastic foam balls in assorted sizes; needle-nose pliers; plaster mix; old spoon; pearlescent white spray paint; white glitter.
Cut a length of wire and insert it almost all the way through a foam ball. Using pliers, twist the wire into a curlicue or curl it around a pencil to form a spiral.
Mix the plaster according to directions until it's the consistency of thick frosting. (as you work, keep adding water to maintain proper consistency.)
Dip the ball into the plaster; use a spoon to spread the plaster evenly over the ball.
Hang the ball to dry; suspending it on a string stretched between two chairs; spread newspaper below to catch any drips. After 24 hours, spray the balls with paint, sprinkle with glitter and let dry.
That's it. I do hope you enjoy making these. Oh...a tree covered in tiny snowballs looks WONDERFUL!!
Till next time, be crafty!!

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Elsie said...

What a clever idea. Not only good for Christmas but for everyday decorations too