Tuesday, December 05, 2006

New goodies done!!

Well..today is so gloomy. SO, I'm lighting my Gingerbread candles...playing some 'ol fashion Christmas tunes...and decorating the house. We have NO snow but it sure has been cold. It's so funny when I take our youngest to school...it looks like the marching penguins with all the kids bundled up. I guess Winter has arrived...dang!

This is my favorite time for sewing...I've done so many new Santa's! They are just super cute. I even made some Mrs. Claus's this year...they found homes really fast. I have just a few Santa's left. I did one in browns...he is my favorite. But then again I really love those drab colors this year.lol

The most favorite doll I'm made this year is 'Abigail Barn Baby'. She took along time to do. Hubby built the rocking horse just for her...and she holds a fully joined bear that's beat up as well. She is still waiting for a wonderful home...but in the mean time she is under our Christmas tree looking SO dang cute!

I have also made just the sweetest little Snow girl Make-do! I found this really old hog scrapper at a old farm here in Iowa....just HAD to use it for something...so ofcourse a doll was born. She's a bit more elegant then my other dolls...but still nice and grungy.

If you'd like to adopt any of my darlin's...just head on over to my website were you'll find tons of Christmas goodies.

Well dears...I'm off to decorate...just heard that we are going to get a bit of snow today!! WOOHOO!!

Till next time....bake something yummy for Christmas. :o)

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Debbie- Two Old Crows (www.2oldcrows.com) said...

Love that lil snowman.....he has to be one of the cutest things you have ever made....hope you and yours have a Happy Holidays