Friday, November 17, 2006

Holiday Checklist!

If your like me...starting on Thanksgiving day until New Years..your days all run into one, and your crazy with all the running your doing.
Well, some years ago I found a 'list' that I use to organize myself for the upcoming holidays. Over the years, I've added my own things, so maybe some of these won't fit your lifestyle, but there are many basics and I do hope you keep it, and add your own.
I always sit down with this list a week before Thanksgiving and go over it. I check my house for items that I already have, and add the 'needfuls' to my Thanksgiving shopping list. Killing 2 birds with one stone.
1. Hot chocolate
2. Coffee, regular and decaf
3. Coffee filters
4. Tea, regular, decaf and herbal
5. Milk
6. Creamer
7. Sugar substitute
8. Eggnog
9. Juice
10. Beer, regular and nonalcoholic
11. Champagne
12. Wine, red and white
13. Soft drinks
14. Seltzer and bottled water
15. Lemons, limes, olives
16. Cheese
17. Crackers
18. Christmas cookies
19. Fresh vegetables
20. Dip
21. Honey baked ham or turkey
22. Sliced deli meats
23. Pasta
24. Sauce
25. Fresh bread
26. Fresh fruit ( for snaking or for a simple centerpiece)
27. Chocolates
28. Baking essentials ( eggs, flour, sugar, butter, baking soda, vanilla)
29. Bags of ice
30. Nuts
31. Apple Cider
32. Cinnamon sticks
33. Candy canes

34. Boxes, all sizes
35. Ribbon and bows
36. Gift bags, including bags for wine giving
37. Tissue paper
38. Colored foil
39. Glitter pens
40. Scotch tape
41. Gift tags
42. Scissors
43. Gift Wrap
44. Craft paper
45. Markers
46. Stapler and staples
47. Packing tape
48. Mailers
49. Labels
50. Glue

51. Candles
52. Greens, holly and mistletoe
53. Extra strand of tree lights
54. Garlands
55. Christmas music
56. Poinsettias
57. Fresh flowers
58. Road salt
59. Snow shovel
60. Ice scraper
61. Extra chairs
62. Holiday table linens
63. Paper napkins
64. Tissues
65. Doormats
66. Tree stand
67. Ornaments and hangers
68. Carpet Stain remover
69. Extra extension cords
70. Paper plates and cups
71. Coasters
72. Games
73. Guest towels and soap
74. Aluminum foil
75. Food storage bags
76. Plastic wrap

77. Hostess gifts
78. Extra child's gift
79. Greeting and Thank you cards
80. Clean sheets, towels and blankets for overnight guests
81. Extra toothbrush
82. Film and Blank video tapes
83. Camera or camcorder
84. Step stool
84. Season scented potpourri
85. Christmas movies
86. Vases
87. Floral oasis
88. New Years noisemakers, party hats, and confetti
89. Firewood and kindling
90. Matches
91. Batteries
92. Flashlight
93. Light bulbs

Hopefully this will help take some of the stress from your holidays. There is nothing worse then NOT having an extra gift for the unexpected visitor, or no batteries for your child's Christmas gift! Please print this out, and use it with my blessings. :o)

Until next time.....TRY to stay organized.

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