Friday, November 03, 2006

Christmas is coming................

Well girls, now that Halloween is officially over, I can now jump straight into Christmas... maybe even bypass Thanksgiving altogether. HHmmmm....I wonder what my family would do if I plopped down a Turkey TV dinner in front of them on that sacred of all Holidays..

I've been sewing up a storm. I love making my 'Barn Baby's the most. It surprises me how much people adore these sweet creatures that I create. I must admit that they are a total labor of love for me. They each have such personality's that just scream 'Love me'!! I've been working on a Mouse 'Barn Baby' and a Reindeer.I also have some Santa's...Winter ladies..mice..oh I do love this season the most.

If I could give each new crafter one bit of advice....I'd tell them, do what you love. Not what everybody else loves. It's only when you can find your true passion can you really LOVE your work..and when you love your work, it will show. When you find that one true craft that you love doing, be it painting, sewing, writing....give it your whole heart. For when you put your heart in it.... can people see it...I mean really see it, and see the love and the passion that you've put into it. Don't do what everybody else is doing only because you THINK it might what you love to do....your true passion...let it scream 'here I am...I'm awesome and whether you like me or not.. I here'!! It might not happen over night...but it WILL happen. I promise that.
Just a few things going on at the website I need to mention.
Our Gift Certificate's are on sale all month long. Get a $50.00 certificate for $45.00!! No Limit!!
And we've LOWERED Our SHIPPING FEES!! heard me right....just for you. ;o)
Well..I'm off to sew some eyeballs onto a Santa.
Till next time.....give whatever you do today passion!!!

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