Sunday, November 05, 2006

Making Firestarters..

Well girls..there's a chill in the air..and the billowing of smoke is on the horizon from the wood stoves and fireplaces. Nothing is better then a warm fire to sit
Let's have some fun today!! We will be making my version of fire starters. These are very easy and they make great gifts as well.

Here's what you'll need:
Medium sized and small pine cones - I find mine in the woods..but I do believe you can buy these at Walmart and at some of the home centers
Wax - I use old candles..but you can buy wax at Hobby Lobby.
Old Crayons - Better get digging in your child's toy box for these. Be don't know what you'll find in there.
Large tin coffee Can or wax pot- you can buy the wax burner at hobby Lobby
Tongs - to grab your cones with
Wax coated wicks - You may buy these at hobby Lobby
Cardboard egg cartons - beg these off your neighbors and friends
Cinnamon oil - used to scent your fire starters
Crushed bits of potpourri - I always use up the old stuff laying around. Make sure you crush it up pretty small.


1. Melt your wax in your coffee can in a pot of boiling water on the stove.
2. Add your crayons for color (I love red for mine) and your cinnamon oil.
3. Lower the don't want this really hot!!(too hot of wax will seep through the egg cartons)
4. Cut your wick in 4" sections. Lay a wick in the bottom of each egg carton.
5. Pour your wax about 1/4 of the way up in your egg cartons.
6. Sprinkle just a bit of your crushed potpourri into the wax.
7. Carefully push your pine cone into the wax, making sure your wick is sticking out. This is what you'll light the fire starter with.
8. If you need to, carefully pour a bit more wax over the pine cones till the wax covers the bottoms of the pine cones.
9. Let these cool.
10. After they have cooled, cut each egg carton apart. Toss them into a big cello bag tie a bit of raffia the top, and you have a nice gift.
11. To use, lay one under your kindling that your use to start your fire with, light the wick and add your wood. The starter should burn for about 8 min. long enough to get a good burn going.

I do hope you enjoy making these. Have fun making different colors and scents. PLEASE be very careful using the wax. It is very hot and you can get burned.

Till next something fun!!

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