Friday, November 17, 2006

I actually did it............!!

After all these years of having the enjoyment of bundling up like little snow people and waddling through the tree farm looking for that perfect tree to call ours.....I went out and bought a ......(gasp)....FAKE ONE!!
Yes..I know (my head hangs in shame)'ve heard me swear that I'd NEVER "give into that lazy artificial act of putting up a nonflammable tree"!
(long pause...) my defence, there are a few reasons as to WHY I bought it!
1. Did a little research and found a tree that looks SO even has pine cones on it! Heck..the birds would even think it's real tree and would happily build their future homes in it!
2. It come in 3 sections...AND....the limbs are all hinged, which means you just touch them and they fall into place!
3. I no longer have to worry about getting this big butt under the tree to water it!(that should be number 1 on my list).
4. I can leave and forget to unplug the lights without worrying that I'm going to come home to firetrucks blocking my driveway...and all those hunky..wet...partially dressed...tanned...muscle bound firefighters...........(pant, pant.......give me a minute here....sorry about that. I'll save that fantasy for later) ........!
5 COMES with all the lights I could ever need! ALREADY attached to the tree!!!! (doing a happy dance here) There is nothing worse then having to put 10,000 lights on a tree all by yourself...AND.....not letting the cords show!! HATE THAT!!

So my dears, there you have it. WHY I bought a fake tree. Now, the kids kind of moaned a bit, but they do agree that it looks real...and hubby did a bit of whining "it doesn't have that fresh tree smell". AAHHHAA!! I whipped out a 'Fresh Pine' candle, lighted it, and called it good! After a bit, the whole house smelled like a tree farm. With just a hint of cinnamon somewhere.
I did have to give in...and announce that we would all be able to dress like snow people and drive to our favorite tree farm, as I was going to cut down a SMALL tree to put on the harvest table on the porch. There was a large 'YIPPEE' that floated to the heavens...and all was well again. Smiles where all around,.....our 17 year old daughter come home from work last night and announced as she flew open the front door...'WHY is there a Christmas tree...with lights on, in the middle of our living room'??'s not even Thanksgiving yet!' I did stand up for myself, and say that Thanksgiving was only a week away, and we ALWAYS decorated for Christmas on Thanksgiving evening....and that I would be able to take my time now and decorate it SLOWLY'
As she ran up to her room..I did hear a mumbling from her, but I couldn't quite make out what it was she had said.
I then proceeded in calling the herd to the family room for yet another announcement! WE were NOT going to be having Thanksgiving dinner. THAT one hit like a brick wall. Mouths open....crickets chirping....dead silence! Then a meek little voice could be heard...'but always make a big Thanksgiving dinner.....does this mean we aren't celebrating Thanksgiving at all...?' my little boy says with tears welling up in his eyes. Dad takes over...'no sweetie, we are going to be going out to eat. Mom just doesn't want the headache of cooking a huge meal this year. It'll be a good thing..i promise' Then you hear the 17 year old yell...'WWWOOOHHOOOO..........NO DISHES!!!!!' there where high 5's all around and then son asked...are we going to celebrate Christmas?' Why yes I said, I'll cook a HUGE dinner for Christmas'! Joy came to his eyes, and he ran to hug me.
Aaahhhhh....I say to myself. 'It's good to be the King!!!! (wink)'.

So, till next something fake! :o)

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